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You and Your BDU (and other uniform items)

BDU stands for battle dress uniform. This is the standard issue fatigues the military uses. NDMS has adopted khaki BDUs as the official DMAT uniform. You'll find a variety of information regarding BDUs on this page.

First off, BDUs are provided by NDMS for all team members. If you are a member of ODMT and don't have a uniform yet, please contact your regional coordinator.

Here are photos of the BDU jacket and pants.

BDU Pants Sizing (waist in inches)

X-Small 24-28
Small 28-31
Medium 31-35
Large 35-39
X-Large 39-42
XX-Large 42-44

BDU Shirt Sizing (chest in inches)

Small 32-34
Medium 38-40
Large 40-44
X-Large 44-48

Most army surplus stores carry BDUs. You may want to visit your local surplus outlet to check your size.

If you elect to purchase additional sets of BDUs on your own, here are some guidelines.

What About Jackets, Rain Pants, Gloves, and Hats?

ODMT uses a weatherproof red jacket (here's an example) and black weatherproof over-pants (such as these) as part of the team uniform. For insulation we use a black fleece jacket (like this one). Gloves and hats should be black. Contact your regional coordinator for additional information.

How About Boots?

Black, leather (8 inches high). Steel-toe is preferable. Here's an example.

What Do I Wear Under My BDU Top?

The official team shirt is either a purple polo shirt with an embroidered team logo (like this) or a purple t-shirt with logo (front and back). Contact your regional coordinator about how to get these.