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Regional Coordinators

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Willamette Valley/South Coordinator
Jon Jui, MD, MPH
Email: jjui at frontier.com

Portland Metro/North Coordinator
Jon Jui, MD, MPH
Email: jjui at frontier.com

Columbia River Gorge/Eastern Oregon Coordinator
Erin Burnham, MD
Email: erinburnham at mac.com

Business Address:

Oregon Disaster Medical Team
Department of Emergency Medicine
Oregon Health and Sciences University
3181 Sam Jackson Park Road CDW-EM
Portland, Oregon 97239-9723
Phone: 503-494-7500

Board of Directors:

Jamie Baxter, RN
Viktor Bovbjerg, PhD
Erin Burnham, MD
Raelene Jarvis, RN
Jon Jui, MD (Chair)
Dan Kearl
Peter Mackwell
Dan O'Connell
Peggy Peirson
Lou Bruneau (emeritus)

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