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Oregon Disaster Medical Team (ODMT) is an independent non-profit 501(c)3 organization of volunteer healthcare professionals who are willing to plan, train and respond to provide relief healthcare services when local, county and mutual aid reserves are overwhelmed due to a mass casualty incident or disaster event.

The team is configured to respond rapidly within Oregon in the event of disaster. One of the primary missions of ODMT is to address urgent and emergent medical issues in the initial 72 hours of a disaster event, before outside agencies can be of assistance. Disaster experience in the U.S. has shown that pre-designated teams of disaster healthcare providers can respond more effectively to assist overwhelmed local resources.


ODMT is truly a statewide team, with members located throughout the Pacific Northwest.  Because team members will have primary employment and family responsibilities in their home area in the event of disaster, squads from other regions of the state may be activated in combination or sequentially to the affected area. ODMT's goal is to have members throughout the state, to provide comprehensive and rapid response.


ODMT was formed in 1999. The team is comprised of approximately 125 personnel. ODMT works closely with the Oregon Health Authority, State Office of Emergency Management and our regional federal emergency medical planner.

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